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Juventutem Atlanta Chapter


Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Mableton, Georgia is proud to house the very first chapter of the Federatio Internationalis Juventutem in the state, a group dedicated to the promotion and attendance of the Traditional Latin Mass. This happy exploration and formation for the young adults of the parish began on February 22, 2019 and has grown into a blossoming community cultivating friendship and faith. 

It is our belief that through the extraordinary rite of the Mass and the many traditions surrounding it, we can walk steadfast in our faith following our ancient heritage. We also learn to cultivate and exemplify the values that will enrich our society, and we keep each generation to come as in love with Christ as the early church fathers.


The beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass goes beyond just the liturgy. The age old words, symbols, and customs connect us to the days of Christ on Earth—and the day we await to come again. 


Our commitments upon signing the charter of Juventutem Internationalis are primarily spiritual in nature, and are three fold.


  1. To pray for the youth of the Church daily, and specifically for the members of Juventutem.

  2. To enter at least once a week, however briefly, into a church or oratory to adore Our Lord present in the tabernacle.

  3. To go to confession and hear mass in the traditional rite at least once a year, and additionally to attend at least one Juventutem event yearly.


By fostering a love for Christ through the extraordinary form of the Mass and its traditions, we hope to spread His message of charity in its oldest form to all those who seek God's grace.


Members must be between the ages of 18 and 35, and will be asked to pay a fee of $10.95 at the time of our annual renewal in February. This generous amount helps us provide new and exciting activities for our members throughout the year.

We hope to see you at Saint Francis de Sales and our upcoming events! Ave Maria!


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